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Rolnicza 50, 39-100 Ropczyce (near Debica city), Poland
Tel. +48 695 69 33 06 - Tel. +48 785 22 75 09

Rolnicza 50, 39-100 Ropczyce (near Debica city), Poland
Tel. 695 69 33 06
Tel. 785 22 75 09

Professional family tree-nursery

Attractive prices, best healthy seedlings, wholesale and retail sales

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Our Story:


Plants are our passion

The garden has always played a vital role in our family. It was ideal for moments of relaxation and gatherings with loved ones. It has also always been our favorite place to spend long summer evenings. Nurturing the garden has always been a joy for us, and we have approached this issue with due diligence. Finally, we decided to turn a passion into a way of life. This is how the idea of starting our nursery of ornamental plants was born.


Foreign experience

Since 1995, we have worked in a large nursery cultivating Thuja in the Netherlands. We learned unique production technologies not used in Poland and knew everything about the proper care and maintenance of shrubs. Thanks to our ongoing work, which lasted five years, we gained the necessary experience, and today we can confidently call ourselves professionals in our trade..


Establishing our nursery

We established our first nursery in 2000 after returning from Holland. Seven years later, we moved the plantation to Ropczyce, which is still located in a specially prepared area for growing Thujas (7.5 hectares).
We offer wholesale and retail sales at our outlet, and in 2022 we expanded our offer to include other plants - both coniferous and deciduous, which we grow with the same passion and commitment as our favorite Thujas. We cordially invite you to our nursery!


Jaśmin Ornamental Shrub Nursery offers:

  • three varieties of Thujas premium - Smaragd, Brabant, and Danica
  • grasses
  • roses
  • junipers
  • shrubs
  • deciduous trees
  • conifers
  • grafted saplings
  • ornamental trees
  • fruit bushes (blueberry, Kamchatka berry, cherry laurel)

Retail customers are also welcome!


Three varieties of premium Thuyas

Long experience and long-term presence in the market have made quality and customer satisfaction the fundamental maxim of our company. We are one of the few nurseries in Poland with such a narrow specialization in the plants grown. Our nursery deals with the cultivation of only three varieties of Thujas. This is a unique approach on the scale of our country. Usually, nursery workers are engaged in producing many different species of ornamental plants so that the product they offer can lose quality. Our specialized way of cultivation allows us to proudly provide you with perfect plants of the highest quality so that you can arrange your dream and beautiful garden.


More about Thuyas:

‘Emeralnd Green’ Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'

Thuja 'Smaragd' (often referred to as Emerald) is one of the most popular varieties of these plants. It is an excellent variety for arranging informal hedges and planting in compositions. Its emerald green scales retain their color throughout the year. The array of Thuja 'Smaragd' was selected in Denmark in 1950, and since then, its popularity has steadily grown and is now widely propagated by Polish nurserymen.

The famous 'Smaragd' Thuja is one of the best conical varieties, recommended for hedges and planting in containers. Due to its habit and the lovely color of needles, it is also recommended for single plantings. Recently it is often used in urban greenery. Smaragd grows at an average rate, reaching a height of about 2.5 meters with a diameter of about 80 cm after ten years of cultivation. Eventually, it can grow up to 8 meters in height. Its branches are delicate, intensely green, almost emerald. Importantly - they do not turn brown in winter, an advantage of this variety.

Thuja 'Smaragd' has a regular, narrowly conical habit, so no formative pruning is required. The growing position should be sunny (to semi-shaded). In the shade, 'Smaragd' Thuja does not get such a nice color, and the habit may become looser and regular. The soil we plant should be fertile and moist.

Planting of Smaragd in a row, intended as a hedge, is done with a spacing of 50 - 60 cm. The plant should be fed from spring to July with fertilizers designed for coniferous plants and watered regularly. In temperate climate, the Thuja 'Smaragd' is sufficiently frost-resistant and does not require any cover for the winter.


Thuja occidentalis 'Brabant.'

Thuja Brabant is a variety bred in the Netherlands, in the Brabant region. It is to this origin that it owes its varietal name. Its compact, columnar habit, fast growth, resistance to low temperatures, tolerance to pruning, and attractive coloration of the scales have made Thuja Brabant one of the most popular hedge plants, widely available in nurseries and garden stores.

Brabant is the fastest-growing variety of Thuja. With a columnar habit, they are recommended for formed hedges, perfectly tolerating low temperatures. This one includes a narrow crown with short branches, and when properly cut, it thickens very nicely. Twigs of Brabant are strongly flattened and densely covered with adherent, scaly needles of light green color. Young specimens grow very fast, as much as 30 cm per year. The growth rate of older plants decreases significantly. Within ten years, Brabant reaches about 3 meters in height and eventually can grow up to 5 meters.

Brabant for the hedge is planted at intervals of 50 - 70 cm. This will give the plants adequate space to grow and form a compact, dense row.

Thuja occidentalis 'Danica.' ‘Danica’

'Danica' is a dwarf shrub with a spherical habit. Its stems are short, densely arranged, and light green. It reaches only about 40 cm in diameter in 10 years.

It requires fertile and moist soils. It is excellent for small home gardens and rockeries, as well as for growing in containers. It can grow in both full sun and partial shade.

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Tel. +48 695 69 33 06
Tel. +48 785 22 75 09

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Anna i Wacław Kozak
Rolnicza 50, 39-100 Ropczyce, Poland

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